Online advertising supports your business growth


Social media & Google Ads campaigns that we create position your business in the market and with your potential customers. The goal is to get yourself seen and known by an audience that is genuinely likely to buy your products and services.


People who visit your website without purchasing may be re-engaged when they visit other websites. We strategically put in place remarketing campaigns and banners that target these visitors to move them from consideration to action.


It’s more profitable to retain customers than to acquire new ones. Campaigns aimed at your already active customers allow you to offer them personalized offers and encourage them to recommend you. You make them repeat buyers and brand ambassadors.

Services for agencies and business clients

We manage more than $2M in advertising investment each year for dozens of Canadian SMEs. We work directly with the marketing directors, or as subcontractors for the agencies responsible for their advertising account. Here’s an overview of what we do for them, and what we could do for you.

Online media buying

Google Ads

Stand out on search engines with Google Ads Search, Display, Shopping, Discovery or Performance Max campaigns. Be the first seen when a prospect has a need.

Instagram and Facebook ads

Run marketing campaigns adapted to your potential customers’ decision-making process so they’ll think of you when they’re ready to buy. Also, re-engage and retain your acquired customers.

LinkedIn ads

Promote your offer to your professional and corporate customers. Target specific industries with tailored advertising.

Strategy and consulting

Marketing and media buying consulting

Consult us ​​for a marketing strategy or a diagnosis of the online positioning of your business. We provide transparent and structured analysis, monitoring and reporting.

Advanced configuration of Google Analytics

Find out in your digital initiatives what attracts your customers, drives sales and has the most impact on your revenue with our Google Analytics advanced configuration service.

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Need digital ads?