At the dawn of 2023, we can see that Google is still used by a large majority of job seekers. Recruiters therefore have everything to gain by getting that first position for the jobs that they really want to fill.

We have targeted the 3 most performant types of Google Ads campaigns in a recruitment strategy to gain the interest of qualified candidates.

1. Google Search campaigns get your job offers first in Google

Google Search campaigns are the basis of any recruitment campaign on Google Ads. They allow your job offers to appear first in Google, before organic results, on specific job searches such as “accountant job,” “engineer job,” “landscaper job,” and more. The ideal type of campaign to stand out and generate clicks!

Example of a Google Search campaign in Google Ads for staff recruitment

2. Google Display campaigns display your job offers on Google partner sites

Remarketing : retarget applicants who already know you

An applicant consulted one of your job offers and left? Retarget them with a Google Display remarketing campaign that will remind them later that the position is still available within your company. This drastically increases the chances of them applying.

Acquisition : target applicants who don't know you

Google Display campaigns are also relevant in acquisition, while it is possible to target an applicant actively looking for a key job precisely according to this interest, even if they don’t already know you.

3. Performance Max campaigns reach a maximum number of applicants

You have planned significant investments for your recruitment and the bases of your Google Ads campaign are already in place? Performance Max campaigns are the best way to take it to another level. These allow you to display your job offers in 6 types of Google Ads campaigns at the same time (Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and Maps) for a maximum visibility and number of candidates.

We can help you attract qualified employees with well thought-out recruitment campaigns

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