Since the very beginnings of BDion Marketing, our goal has been to deliver concrete results: more calls, more sales, more visibility and above all, higher profitability on advertising investments.

And what could be better than becoming a Google Partner to offer more to our clients?

How the company qualified as a Google Partner

Becoming a Google Partner is above all a guarantee of advanced knowledge of Google Ads campaigns. This means that your online ads and your budget are managed by an expert, which is essential to your success.

When a business like BDion Marketing qualifies as a Google Ads expert, it can then qualify as a Google Partner by meeting the conditions of the following 3 categories: Performance, Spend and Certification. Google checks the conditions required by each of its partners on a daily basis.

1. Performance

Campaigns that pay off

Google evaluates the maximum performance that an advertising campaign can achieve according to the established objectives. After analyzing campaigns launched at BDion Marketing, Google determined that the average campaign performance exceeded the 70% required to become a partner.

2. Spend

Companies that go further

This category shows the managed budget and targeted growth opportunities for all customer advertising campaigns. To become a Google Partner, you have to maintain a budget of at least US$ 10,000 over 90 days, a goal that we have largely exceeded.

3. Certification

Experts for your accounts

Google Ads products must be mastered by at least 50% of ad account managers within a single company in order for that company to become a Google Partner. By choosing BDion Marketing, you are assured that your accounts will be managed by a certified manager: I am solely responsible from the start to the end of the project.

Choose a Google partner to seize all opportunities

By qualifying as a Google Partner, we have ensured that we have privileged access to advanced training and resources on new products that will benefit you.

More than ever before, we will be able to offer you the very best in the market.


Take it to another level

If you have ambitious goals for your next online advertising campaigns, come see us. We will be able to configure your account, develop your strategy and continuously optimize your next campaigns so that you get the best possible result. This is the value of a Google Partner!

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