Managing certain key departments of your business yourself is more profitable. 


Could delegating the recruitment of your employees to an agency propel your business growth? What about assigning a consultant to your employees’ training, could it make them more efficient?

As for your company's online advertising, entrusting them to a Google Ads specialist could save you time and resources but, above all, increase your return on investment tenfold. A primary objective when advertising online!

If you hesitate to entrust your online campaigns to a Google Ads expert rather than managing them internally, here are 3 detailed reasons to get started.

Reason 1 to entrust your Google Ads campaigns to an expert 

Increase the return on investment of your Google Ads campaigns 

A business owner increases the profitability of his Google Ads campaigns by entrusting them to a Google Ads expert

Getting the best return on investment is undoubtedly the main advantage of entrusting your online advertising to a Google Ads expert.

The in-house employee you hired to create and manage your Google Ads account is likely a generalist who doesn't have the knowledge, resources, time, or even will to closely monitor the performance of your digital ads or optimize them accordingly.

At best, you are missing out on profitable opportunities for your business. Territories, audience segments or ad investment may not be changed in response to performance. Or, campaign types (Search, Display, Discovery, Shopping, Performance Max) or even acquisition channels (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads) may not be leveraged.

Worst case scenario, you're wasting money. For example, selecting the keyword "snowmobile" alone when selling snowmobile accessories in a Google Search campaign will get you paid for thousands in clicks from an unqualified audience, i.e. people who won't buy your product.

When you ask a generalist employee to create and manage your Google Ads campaigns, you lose double or triple the money you think you've saved on external services. If you are lucky.

Reason 2 to entrust your Google Ads campaigns to an expert

Avoid costly mistakes in your Google Ads strategy

A women makes costly mistakes by not entrusting his Google Ads campaigns to a Google Ads expert

Selecting the wrong keywords is just the tip of the iceberg of mistakes an amateur can make with your Google Ads campaigns. Here are some others that are commonplace with generalists:

Entrusting your online ads to a Google Ads specialist is the best way to avoid wasting your advertising investment.

Reason 3 to entrust your Google Ads campaigns to an expert

Optimize employee time

An employee optimizes her time by outsourcing Google Ads campaigns to a Google Ads expert

In a context of labour shortage, it is more important than ever to manage your employees' time well. Since they already have to use their creativity to get all the extra work done, it is difficult for them to take on new tasks that they might consider secondary to their main role, such as managing your advertising account. Because that's what your digital ads are for them: a related task. Do you really want it to be that way with your visibility and money?

Your business will do better if your employees are dedicated to what they were hired to do. And if time frees up, they can take advantage of it to help you launch new products or do prospecting: they are qualified to do so.

A Google Ads specialist is qualified to create, manage and optimize your digital ads, in addition to being able to devote themselves 100% to it without compromising on quality. Because your advertising performance is their priority.

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