You want to set up your first Google Ads campaigns, and your agency hesitates to designate you as the administrator and owner of the account? You would be better off viewing this hesitation with suspicion, as it is not without impact.

Your advertising account belongs to you

Some agencies give you questionable or simply false reasons for not entrusting you with the administration of your Google Ads account. Think of those who say they don’t want to disclose their methods, or those who assure you that it’s impossible to change the administrator of an account.

If your agency is giving you that kind of excuse, there’s a reason.

Maybe too much of your monthly budget goes into their pockets rather than your campaigns. Maybe your agency is afraid of losing control and losing you as a client. In any case, there’s no valid reason not to entrust you with ownership of your Google Ads account.

This account belongs to you, along with the data it contains.

Why you should own your advertising account

To have visibility on your account

With some agencies, the fees are clear: they will ask for a percentage of the amount invested, a lump sum or a number of hours per month. Other agencies are more vague about the amount invested in advertising vs the amount spent on their fees. How can you be sure that your media buying agency isn’t playing with its rating when campaigns are performing less well? Basically, how can you be sure that your budget is invested the way you want it to be?

Even if you don’t plan to verify your Google Ads account every week, make sure you can if you feel like checking out your investments.

Because your data is priceless

Your data is important, and you paid for it. It helps you make better business decisions, know what attracts your customers the most, and adjust your offer accordingly. Your data history also allows the agency that handles your media buying to see what cost you dearly without much profit, and what has paid off.

For example, the negative keywords you accumulate over time are invaluable for your future campaigns. They allow you, from campaign to campaign, to filter out targeted keywords until you keep only the most profitable for you.

All advertising accounts have a history that says it all – make sure you don’t lose it.

To avoid being taken hostage by your media buying agency

Now you know your Google Ads account is valuable, and your media buying agency knows it too. So what if you’re no longer satisfied with their job and want to leave? They might be reluctant to give you the administration of your advertising account.

If you’re on good terms with your agency, all the better. They are likely to cooperate quickly.

If you’re on bad terms with them, the process can become more complex. The transfer may suddenly take a long time to complete, or even become impossible, and you may have to start over. But performance data doesn’t rebuild overnight.

Making sure you’re the administrator of your advertising account at the start of a partnership is therefore the best thing to do to start the relationship on the right foot. If you’ve already set up your first campaigns and aren’t an admin yet, ask them now while your relationship is good. You’ll certainly avoid many unpleasant surprises!

At BDion Marketing, you own your Google Ads account

When creating your Google Ads account, we automatically designate you as an administrator. You have all the necessary access to your account and, of course, it remains your property

Because building a transparent and trusting relationship is our priority.

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