When you use Google Ads for your digital advertising, you don’t pay every time your ad appears – you pay every time it’s clicked. It’s therefore very important that you can block fraudulent clicks on your ads to avoid wasting your budget.

But how do you block false clicks on your ads, and is it profitable for your business? Let’s take a look at what we offer to our clients in Google Ads.

ClickCease: An effective protection against invalid clicks on your Google Ads campaigns

When setting up your Google Ads campaigns, we check if the ClickCease software can be a good protection for you.

It works simply: When there are fraudulent clicks on your ads such as bots or ill-intentioned individuals who want to make you spend your budget, ClickCease blocks them and lists them so you only have qualified traffic.

If we see that ClickCease is right for your needs, we create an account and choose the plan that best suits the number of clicks you want to filter each month. If after a month, we see that ClickCease costs more than the number of invalid clicks blocked, we simply stop using the tool.

With or without the tool, you’ll only pay if it’s profitable.

Detect the origin & behaviour of people behind the fraudulent clicks

ClickCease tracks the invalid clicks on your ads, as well as the behaviour, device used and country of the people who made those clicks. Fraudulent IP addresses are sent to Google in real time, ensuring that bots, competitors or any other malicious source doesn’t have a chance to click on your ads.

All types of false clicks detected by ClickCease

Even get reimbursed for click fraud

ClickCease also allows you to generate a report to be reimbursed for unnecessary expenses made because of fraudulent clicks.

Invalid click report to download

Interested in blocking ad fraud? We’ll take care of everything for you

We make sure ClickCease is profitable for you

Before creating your account, we confirm that ClickCease is relevant to your business. Your industry, type of ad campaign, size of account, competition, and average cost per click are all factors that influence my decision.

Savings made by blocking click fraud

We install ClickCease and set the specific filtering rules

When it turns out that ClickCease would be profitable for you, we do the basic setups by submitting your Google Ads ID, approving the access to link the software, and installing the tracking script to follow the pageviews. We also think about unusual behaviours for a single user such as too many visits per minute, day or week.

We think of everything so that ClickCease can protect you well against invalid clicks and Google Ads fraud.

Filtering parameters for invalid clicks in ClickCease

Your Google Ads campaigns are in good hands

Few media buying specialists offer ClickCease to protect campaigns against fraudulent clicks. With us, it’s an available option, from setup to follow up.

If you want to set up protected Google Ads campaigns, while avoiding costly mistakes, come see us. We’ll help you put everything in place strategically!

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