If you're selling online and not getting the profits you expected, it might be time to take it to the next level: digital advertising with Google Shopping.

See why this tool is essential in 2022 to succeed.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a paid digital advertising tool that allows the products you sell to be displayed in the first search results of Google, as well as in the Shopping section of the search engine. When a user clicks on a product in Google, they’re sent on your website, where they can buy it.

Google Shopping is a powerful e-commerce tool: it allows people who really want to buy to quickly compare different price options and product features.

Example of a Google Shopping ad for the e-commerce of a business

4 benefits of Google Shopping for your online sales

1. People search on Google first

Whether average customers are looking to buy a simple shirt or a snowmobile helmet, they usually start their search on Google. And in Google Shopping, you quickly become part of their options by appearing in the first results. You increase your visibility, but also the number of visits to your transactional website. A must to increase your sales!

2. People are visual

Unlike other types of online advertising, Google Shopping is very visual. Directly in Google, we get a clear overview of the products you sell, and we can even compare them. People know what to expect…and they love it!

3. Your visitors are more likely to buy

Google Shopping automatically targets relevant queries based on the data entered into Google Merchant Center, the tool used to manage your products online. By combining the strength of the advertising tool with a good control of negative keywords, your ads are only shown to users who are genuinely interested in buying your products.

4. Google Shopping is profitable

At BDion Marketing, we see that Google Shopping ads often generate a better ROI for our clients. Although it is important to vary your types of campaigns so as not to depend on a single acquisition channel, we see that Google Shopping is profitable in e-commerce.

We know about e-commerce

Our e-commerce specialists can help you structure your transactional website, and configure, monitor, and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns for optimal return on investment. According to their analysis, our experts could also suggest that you try Performance Max (formerly Smart Shopping), a channel with high potential for profitability.

No matter your business model or goals, trust them to propel your sales!

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