If you have a website, you most likely want it to appear in the top search engine results. And to get there, you have 2 options:

  1. Improve your natural referencing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is built and improved by optimizing web pages using several strategies until the search engines see the pages as relevant enough to the user to show them quickly in the search results.

  2. Use paid search or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Paid search (SEM) is the process of buying keywords that, when used in a search engine query, trigger an ad. SEM is done using keyword buying tools such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

We advise our clients who are new to digital advertising to get started with search engine marketing (SEM) using Google Ads. And here’s why.

The 10 benefits of Google Ads for your search engine marketing

1st Google Ads benefit

SEM with Google Ads gets results fast

Improving the performance of web pages in a natural way on search engines (SEO) takes a lot of effort, time and expertise. A lot of work is indeed required onsite (writing optimized content, adding technical improvements, etc.) and offsite (writing a Google My Business page, adding external links, etc.). Several months are then necessary to really assess the performance of the optimizations made.

With Google Ads, campaigns have an impact from the moment they go live.

2nd Google Ads benefit

With Google Ads, you can choose to beat your competition on search engines

Google Ads is a safe bet to appear ahead of your competitors on Google, if you put the effort into it, and therefore improve your chances of being chosen by your potential customers. With Google Ads, you can automate bids on certain keywords so that your ads appear when those keywords are used. If in addition you work on the other factors essential to a good ad performance, you have a good chance of appearing first.

3rd Google Ads benefit

The ROI is great since you only pay when a user clicks (pay per click)

The beauty of SEM with Google Ads is that if your ad shows and nobody clicks, you don’t pay. If someone clicks, you only pay for that click. How much you are willing to bid for each click is sort of a gamble: What are the odds that my website will convince the visitor to call me or buy?

This great cost control often gives my clients a very good return on their investment.

4th Google Ads benefit

It’s easy to track, change, or stop your ad investments anytime with Google Ads

With Google Ads, in addition to paying only per click, you pay per day. Control over your investments is therefore total, from the start to the end of the campaigns. At any time, you can change the maximum amount you want to invest per month, day or ad.

5th Google Ads benefit

You advertise at the perfect time on search engines

The strength of Google Ads campaigns is to present a message perfectly suited to the wishes of users, when they need it.

It’s simple: We buy for you the keywords that are most likely to generate sales and attract potential customers. When a purchased keyword is typed by a user into search engines, an ad promoting your product is displayed. The potential customer therefore sees a message designed for them, at the right time, about you.

6th Google Ads benefit

Google Ads extensions can tell your audience more

Google Ads extensions

Well-configured Google Ads campaigns involve using all possible extensions. Why are they so important?

Ad extensions allow you to provide as much information as possible about your products and services, naturally filtering out visitors who will only click if the ad is relevant to them. Google Ads is designed to direct genuinely interested customers to your most relevant web pages.

7th Google Ads benefit

Google Ads helps target customers who really pay off

Google Ads campaigns with audiences segmented by age

If you have an ambitious sales objective for Quebec entrepreneurs looking for metal parts, you don’t want to show your ads to women aged 18 to 35 living in Ontario. Google Ads allows you to target your audience very precisely according to their geolocation, age, gender, language, device and even their research and interests.

You are therefore targeting an audience that really has the potential to buy.

8th Google Ads benefit

You analyze much more than the clicks on your ads

Affinity and in-market audiences

With Google Ads, you can learn a lot about who clicked on your ads: How many remarketed clicked? How many were actually ready to buy?

Depending on the performance of each segment of your audience, you have a much better idea of what keyword bids to change and what optimizations to apply next.

9th Google Ads benefit

Google Ads allows you to optimize campaigns that are still running

Google Ads campaign statistics

If some of your Google Ads campaigns are performing poorly, you can intervene with many optimizations at any time. Let’s go back to our example of selling metal parts.

To improve your performance, you could, among other things:

  • Target more precise keywords (“machined metal parts”)
  • Exclude negative keywords (“polymer parts”)
  • Add long-tail keywords (“metal parts machined in St-Hyacinthe”)

Vous pourriez aussi :

  • Transfer budget to the most profitable campaigns
  • Increase your bid on the most profitable keywords
  • Amplify what brings you the most business
  • Pause an ad that is not generating enough results

At all times during your Google Ads campaign, you have control over your ads and you can constantly optimize them.

10th Google Ads benefit

Google Ads is the strongest online advertising tool

Using Google Ads to increase your sales and achieve your business goals is the best thing you can do. The tool has been proven around the world and Google partners like us can bring you the very best in online advertising.

In summary, with Google Ads, you:

  1. Get results fast
  2. Beat your competition with keyword bidding
  3. Get an excellent return on investment
  4. Manage your investments 100%
  5. Advertise at the right time
  6. Communicate better with your audience
  7. Target customers who really pay off
  8. Analyze precisely the performance of your ads
  9. Optimize your campaigns at any time
  10. Stay at the forefront

You could be first on Google

While advertising on search engines with Google Ads is the fastest way to appear in the top results, the setup should be done carefully.

When you’re ready, come talk to someone who really knows about it – We’ll walk you through the process.

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