If you're reading this, you've probably experienced the relentlessness of some Google Ads reps. It usually goes like this:

  • You receive several calls and emails each week… or day.
  • A Google Ads representative tells you that your ad account is subject to "major issues" that put your investments at risk.
  • You are told about changes that will change your life.
  • You are being pressured to take the call.

If you go ahead with this type of call with a Google Ads representative, they will ask you for a screen share. They will then push you to apply the listed recommendations to your account, without taking into consideration the impact on the performance of your campaigns. Worse, some will even go so far as to direct you to the “Auto-apply recommendations.”

And yet, blindly following Google Ads recommendations can work against your performance goals!

Why does Google Ads keep calling you?

The Google Ads reps who call and pressure you are often hired by call centres whose mission is to increase Google Ads revenue without delivering real value to your account. They are therefore often “true representatives,” but without the strategic input you need.

3 reasons to decline an unsolicited call from a Google Ads representative

1. Loss of value for your advertising account

Over the years, we have often approached unsolicited calls from Google Ads representatives with openness to discover interesting solutions or new opportunities. Unfortunately, this hardly ever happened with this type of representative.

Not only was there no added value, but the recommendations often went against the strategy of the account, and would have led to a drop in performance for our clients if we had applied them.

2. Reps aren't interested in your success

This type of Google Ads representative is not really interested in your business and your issues. They only want one thing: to generate more profits for Google.

3. They don't really know Google Ads

Google Ads representatives from external call centres don't really know the impact of their recommendations on your advertising account. And who would want to risk their advertising investments with amateurs?

How do I get Google reps to stop calling me?

Unfortunately, to our knowledge, it is impossible to put a permanent end to unsolicited calls from Google Ads representatives.

However, here are 2 possible solutions:

1. Ask them to stop

There’s a chance that asking representatives to stop calling and writing will make them do so. At least, for the current quarter. This usually has to be repeated each quarter, since the Google Ads representative assigned to your account will change.

2. Make them work

If asking representatives to stop all contact doesn’t work, here’s a solution that may be interesting.

Tell them that you will not answer their emails and meeting requests until you have received their suggested recommendations in writing, along with the reasons for applying them according to the specific needs of your business. Make it clear that if they do, and if you feel the recommendations will generate real value, you might consider taking a call with them. No other call will be scheduled for the same quarter.

The recommendations are still likely to be largely useless. But there is also a chance that a more serious Google Ads representative will be mandated to work on your file, and that some suggestions will be relevant.

In any case, you will be left in peace for a good part of each quarter.

Can Google Ads rep calls be relevant?

To make it more confusing, there are some Google Ads reps out there who are truly committed to the success of your business, and bring great insights about the marketplace, training, and new features coming to the platform. In our experience, these representatives are not hired by external call centres, but directly by Google.

How to differentiate qualified representatives from call centre representatives?

First, and this is very important, we have observed that qualified Google Ads representatives do not call if the advertising investment is not tens of thousands of dollars per month, and has been for a long time. In such a case, it is not a simple unsolicited call, but a long-term ongoing support that is really worth it. After all, it's normal for Google to wait until your investment is greater before dedicating a part-time resource to your account. 

Next, be aware that dedicated and qualified representatives:

  • Do not put any pressure on you.
  • Inform you about the market in which you operate.
  • Make sure they understand your business to better support you.
  • Share a growth vision that doesn't change every 3 months.
  • Allow you to question certain aspects of your account.
  • Provide advice and support from other members of the technical team.
  • Strategically inform you about new practices.
  • Have access to beta products faster.

In conclusion, are unsolicited calls from Google Ads reps worth it?

No, this type of call is not worth it, and may even be harmful to your business. At all times, be suspicious of people creating a sense of urgency or using an alarmist tone regarding your advertising account. 

If you have questions about your account, and want to do a real audit to improve it, feel free to reach us out!

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